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Seyed Reza Elyasi
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Diploma in Mathematics
Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering
Master of Science in Earthquake Engineering


Structural Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Structural Health Monitoring
Finite Element Analysis
Team work
Structural Dynamics


* Predict the severity of road traffic accidents using artificial neural networks, case study Ardebil - Sarcham road
* Numerical Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Saddlebag type connections Under Cyclic Loading
* Finite Element Analysis of the Effects of Using High Strength Steel on Performance of Steel Frame under Cyclic Loading
* Numerical Evaluation of Applicability of Artificial Neural Networks (MLP) in Active Control of Structures
* Thesis : Damage Detection in Frame Buildings with wavelet Theory Considering the Effect of Soil - Structure Interaction


* Superwiser and Adviser in Sayolga Co
* TA in Kish Language Institute
* Technical Manager in Dej Saze Hero Co
*Programer in Hero Robocup Team